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Gerrard says the press twisted his words

Last week, the media in England branded it an outburst and even went as far as suggesting that Gerrard's heart is not in the Champions League. Naturally, the England international was keen to alleviate the misconception by defining his real position.

"I think that as captain of the club it's very easy for your words to be twisted into something that doesn't really reflect the interview," Gerrard said.

"The real message I was trying to get across was that we are disappointed with where we are in the league, but that we're going to try to get into the top four and improve our league situation next season. Hopefully while we're going along we can get to another Champions League title. That would be a really great season.

"But the headlines got twisted into 'If we win the Champions League it won't be important' – which is nonsense, and that is not what I meant at all. There won't be anyone happier in Liverpool than me if we do get the Champions League crown again. Istanbul was the best night of my football career and if we go on to achieve that again it will be right up there with that.

"But, because we're at Liverpool FC, even if we do win it, we'll still worry about and try to improve our league form. We are winners and we want to try to win every competition we are in.

Having made the intention behind his comments clear, the popular Steven Gerrard went on to elaborate on his original comment.

"I think that the important thing short-term is to get in that fourth position, then we can re-group in the summer and have another go at winning the league. The players here know we've underachieved in the premier league this year. You go back to before the Aston Villa game and we believed we could still be in the title race. That's disappointing but now we've got to finish as high as possible this year and have another go the next one."

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